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About Baltic States

Great geographical location

From the High Middle Ages to date, the Baltic Sea has continuously served as a major transport corridor between the East and the West. Now, in the 21st century the Baltic Sea region is surrounded by wealthy and emerging consumer markets and is the fastest growing business region in Europe. The Baltic Sea region is border between European Union, Russia and other C.I.S. countries – excellent location for further development of international transit.

Preconditions such as regular and fast short sea connections with the major European ports and the effective supply chain assisted by innovative logistical solutions, as well as the precise handling of goods in the ports have been created to be able to cope with larger cargo flows.

50 million consumers – at 24 hour reach
100 million consumers – at 48 hour reach
250 million consumers – at 72 hour reach

  • Helsinki – 80 km
  • Stockholm – 375 km
  • Minsk – 190 km
  • St. Petersburg – 355 km
  • Moscow – 910 km
  • Kiev – 750 km