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Cargo insurance

It is the common wish of the shipper and the recipient that the shipment is delivered safely. However, it is impossible to foresee and prevent all risks on the way.

Carrier’s liability by different transport modes is as follows:

  • In air freight up to 19.00 SDR* per gross kg
  • In road freight up to 8.33 SDR per gross kg
  • In sea freight up to 2.00 SDR per gross kg

* 1 SDR equals ~EUR 1.16 (March 4th  2013)  SRD Valuation

If your shipment is valuable, it is recommended to use full cargo insurance. It is possible to have either a single policy for a single shipment or a long-term policy for several cargo shipments.

Cargo Insurance provides coverage for cargo loss or damage arising from the causes such as:

  • robbery
  • fire
  • traffic accident
  • natural forces

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